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Q: I found your property on Craigslist. Being a free service, I am concerned about scams. Are there any places you feature paid ads?

A: Yes. We have three paid listings on Homeaway.com:  Bottom Unit   Top Unit   Both Units


Q: Is this property private or shared with others?

A: The property consists of two separate rental units - the bottom 2-bedroom/1.5-bathroom unit and the top 1-bedroom/1.5-bathroom unit - as well as the owner's unit in the back. Each rental unit, of course, has its own separate entrance and is completely separate from the other (NOTE: there are no interior stairs connecting the two units). The two units sit one on top of the other (hence, the "Top Unit" and the "Bottom Unit"). Both units face the ocean and sit only about 25 feet from the ocean's edge.


Q: What outside areas are for our exclusive use and what areas are considered common/shared use?

A: Both units have a dedicated lanai (patio) area for the guests exclusive use. The top unit has a 6' x 15' ocean-facing lanai containing two chairs and and two side tables. The bottom unit has a portion of the terrace - containing a dining set and two small gas grills - that is for the guests exclusive use. There is an additional small gas grill, located near the top unit's entry stairs, that is for the top unit guest's exclusive use.

Everything else - including the 7-person hot tub, tiki bar, outdoor mini fridge, dart board, washer and dryer, terrace, chaise lounges, outdoor shower, kayaks, boogie boards, beach chairs and snorkel gear - is shared by all.


Q: If I rent just one of the units, should I anticipate "complications" with sharing the outdoor space? 

A: In short, no you should not. And the reason is two-fold. First, the vast majority of our guests spend large chunks of the day out exploring. So the odds of guests of both units spending the same day at the place are pretty long. Furthermore, many of the specific amenities - such as the kayaks - are used quite sparingly; so there's very little chance that something will be unavailable when you want it. I'd guess that 80% of guests don't use the hot tub even once; so again, it's likely to be available to you exclusively any time you want it.


Q: Where is Beach House In Paradise located?

A: In the small coastal town of Hau'ula. You can view our approximate location within the various Things To Do maps.

If you're like so many others who prefer to talk Oahu location in terms of region as opposed to town, you may be wondering Is that the North Shore? Well, our location rides a hard-to-define line, with some calling it the windward side and others calling it the north shore. Northern windward side? We personally feel that "north shore" equals "surf." And with the famous big waves hitting only the NW-facing coastlines (we face NE), we tend to think of the north shore as starting about five or so miles up the road where the coastline bends to face that direction.


Q: What is there to do in the immediate area?

A: The very best way to answer that question is by checking out the Things To Do page, which offers maps, descriptions and website links to over seventy things to do, see and eat within thirty minutes drive.

Hau'ula is primarily known for its quaintness and for being one of Oahu's last unspoiled towns. The area has one beach after the next, several great hiking trails, waterfalls, lookout points, whale watching, etc. As such, the area is more about natural beauty than manmade structures and development (the "Anti-Waikiki," if you will).


Q: What have previous guests thought of their stay?

A: Our online guestbook features photos of actual, handwritten guestbook entries and can be found here.


Q: What are the primary differences between the two units?

A: The bottom 2-bedroom unit has the following things not offered in the top 1-bedroom unit:

  *  A second bedroom offering two twin beds, convertible to a king if desired (in lieu of a second proper bedroom, the top unit offers a "bonus room" with a twin bed)
  *  Approximately 100 additional square foot of living space
  *  Stovetop oven and dishwasher
  *  Dedicated portion of the slate terrace, with dining table/chairs and two small grills (the top unit has a grill of its own)

A: The top 1-bedroom unit has the following things not offered in the bottom 2-bedroom unit:

  *  Jacuzzi® tub in master bath
  *  Vaulted ceiling in living room
  *  Computer desk and chair
  *  Private lanai (patio) with table and chairs
  *  Ocean view bedroom
  *  Convection toaster oven (in lieu of a stovetop oven)


Q: Is there a sandy beach in front of the property?

A: Yes...and no. At low tide, there can be as much as 20-30 feet (from our seawall to the water's edge) of sandy beach in front of the property, spanning hundreds of yards in each direction. At really high tides (see daily tides here), however, the water approaches and can even touch our seawall. But even at such extreme high tides, the beach typically remains perfect for barefooted walks and for sitting at the water's edge in one of our beach chairs.

Roughly a one minute walk in either direction will place you beyond the small stretch of homes to more expansive sections of beach that always remain dry.


Q: Are the waters directly in front of the property swimmable?

A: Yes! An offshore reef knocks down the rare swell* that's pointed our direction, resulting in a sheltered shoreline that receives very little wave action. And the bottom is perfectly sandy, with no reef or big rocks. That's quite a rare combination for the area!

* Rare because of our NE-facing coastline; 99% of the big winter waves come from the NW and miss us entirely.


Q: Can you hear the ocean?

A: Yes! In fact, the only way to not hear the ocean is to close all doors and windows. Even then, you'll likely be able to hear the faintest whisper of waves.

[RELATED QUESTION: why do we love being so near the water, hearing the ocean, playing in the sand, etc? Click here for an article offering some fascinating theories from the science community]


Q: Do guests receive a dedicated parking space?

A: Yes, guests of each unit are given one dedicated parking space. There is no fee for parking. There is only sufficient parking for one vehicle per unit. However, if guests plan to have more than one vehicle (or have visitors during their stay), there is plenty of available parking directly across the street.


Q: I am concerned about the logistics of arriving, checking out, etc. How does it work?

A: We recognize the potential for guest's coming and going at "odd" times of the day and night. As a result, we have established all processes and procedures to make you 100% self-sufficient during your stay. It all starts with the reservation: once the deposit has been received, we email a confirmation that includes the property address, directions from the airport, parking instructions, the code to the lockbox to let yourself in, and a phone number to call in the event of any problems. Once you've arrived, everything inside is fairly straightforward. However, there is a detailed house guide to assist you in the event that you have problems finding something or figuring out how to use something. As for check-out, once again, you'll be completely self-sufficient. Simply hang up the keys, lock the doors, and you're off!


Q: I have friends living/staying elsewhere on the island, and would like to host a small gathering. Can I?

A: Out of respect for our guests in the other rental unit, we only consider allowing gatherings involving non-guests when a single party is occupying both units. Under those circumstances, we typically have no problem with small gatherings. Generally speaking, we try to limit gatherings to around 10 people and noise needs to be controlled by 10:00 p.m. If you are considering reserving both units and are interested in such a gathering, please contact us with the specifics and we'll see if what you have in mind is agreeable. Please know that a nominal fee may apply, depending on the specifics of the planned gathering.


Q: What is the weather generally like at the time of year I'm planning to visit?

A: Hauula's monthly temperature and rainfall averages can be found here.


Q: Aside from the listed amenities, what other little things might be provided?

A. We pass along various items that are purchased but not wholly used by previous guests, in an effort to both reduce unnecessary waste and to save future guests some expense. Our "pass along" criteria is basically this: if future guests may find the item useful - but not weird or odd - we pass it along. In the kitchen, this may include things like spices and seasonings, salad dressings, condiments, soy sauce, jelly, butter and oils. In the bathroom, this may include things like shampoo, conditioner, lotions and sunblock. To be clear, we absolutely do not guarantee any of these items to be provided, but merely pass them along if they are left behind by previous guests.

We acknowledge that some guests may have personal brand preferences and/or feel uncomfortable sharing some of these items. As such, and with unnecessary waste reduction in mind, we compromise by being highly selective in what we pass along. We trust that guests, whether they choose to use the items or not, will appreciate this eco-inspired practice.


Q: Is there free WiFi available?

A: Yes. There is a high-speed wireless signal available throughout the property, free for your usage.


Q: What are your policies regarding things like cancellations, date changes, and the like?

A: Click here for an outline of our guest policies.

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